Recent Testimonial (Sep 2015)

Listening to your videos on youtube changed my life…

I was a graduate student, and realized that what i would earn upon graduation wont give me the type of life style I  wanted.

So following Albert Einstein quote “Imagination is better than knowledge.” I began to look for means to change things.

I came across the great mythic Neville Goddard. I have his books, but I needed an audio version. Your readings of The Law & the Promise, Feeling is the Secret, At Your Command and Class Instruction 1948, has changed my life.

From winning multiple jackpots in the Texas lottery (I saw myself with the large novelty check, & so it came x2), to buying a home I have imagined living in, to my ex returning and us getting married, I’m expecting my first child…

Thank you so much Carl!

O. Michaels

What is important to note is that O.Michaels realised that a change of direction (consciousness) was required in order to achieve desires that current direction in life could not deliver.

Most importantly O.Michaels took action and used wonderful IMAGINATION to imagine a scene in which a desire had already happened.

Evidently here were also other powerful driving undonscious desires which included a new home, relationship and child.

Most often it is these underlaying highly energised desires that are the drivers for success and the imagined scene is the communication/intuition given by what Neville calls the “4th Dimensionally Larger Self” otherwise known as the Higher Self or the Soul or spirit.

Not everyone will be a lottery winner BUT EVERYONE CAN use their wonderful IMAGINATION to fulfill their dreams and desires in life.

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  carl-bradbrook-testimonial-neville-goddard-pooja 295-neville-goddard-pdf all-neville-goddard-pdf-lectures-books You can download all of the Neville Goddard PDF lectures from your Members Library and if you like can also read all of the Neville lectures on line on this website on any computer or mobile device 11-neville-goddard-books-pdfall-the-neville-goddard-books-pdf-nowYou will find all of the Neville Goddard Books in your Members Library and also can read all of the Neville Goddard Books Online on any computer or mobile device. Also you will find some of the Neville audio books on this site in video/audio format. carl-bradbrook-testimonial-neville-goddard-fungai 136-original-neville-goddard-audio-lectures-in-his-own-voice1-one-hundred-and-thirty-six-neville-goddard-lectures-audio-mp3-Here you can see a sample from a folder of the audio’s included in the Neville Incredible Collection. All have unique images embedded into the audio file so you can easily recognize them on your computer. For a bit of nostalgia I also included the first two Neville audio lectures that I listened to… secret-of-imagining-self-talk-creates-reality carl-bradbrook-testimonial-neville-goddard-rick 5-five-original-neville-goddard-audio-mp3-books-narrated-by-carl-bradbrook Neville-goddard-audio-files carl-bradbrook-testimonial-neville-goddard-angel neville-goddard-at-your-command-pdf-audio-book-mp3 carl-bradbrook-testimonial-neville-goddard-szoki neville-goddard-1948-lessons-picture carl-bradbrook-testimonial-neville-goddard-Bob the-law-and-the-promise-audio-mp3-book-description-of-contents-narrated-by-carl-bradbrook feeling-is-the-secret-audio-mp3-book-description-of-contents-narrated-by-carl-bradbrook if-you-can-really-believe-audio-mp3-book-description-of-contents-narrated-by-carl-bradbrook - Copy out-of-this-world-audio-mp3-book-description-of-contents-narrated-by-carl-bradbrook 6-new-neville-goddard-audiobooks-narrated-by-carl-bradbrook neville-goddard-magnificent-seven-poster The poster above refers to the seven Neville books that I set a goal to narrate in order to complete the full set of Neville’s books. I guess it should now read “The Magnificent Six” :-) having just finished narrating Out Of This World. The remaining six audio books I am narrating are:

          • Freedom For All



        • Seedtime and Harvest



        • The Power Of Awareness



        • Prayer The Art Of Believing



        • Your Faith Is Your Fortune



        • Awakened Imagination – The Search


         They will be added to the members area as completed carl-bradbrook-testimonial-neville-goddard-julie   neville-goddard-pdf-easy-search-books-and-lecturesneville goddard easy-search books and lectures pdf For years I used to come across phrases and words in Neville’s audios and books and wondered what on earth does he mean :-) I had the desire to dig deeper and find out more… But what a monumental task that was…going through nearly 300 lectures and 11 books pdf’s manually one-by-one. Then, when I was creating the Superlearning Neville Module of the Superlearning The Masters course I had the idea to create a Master PDF of all Neville’s Lectures and another of his books. …and “Easy Search” is  the result. Have a look at the video below for a quick overview of how it works… carl-bradbrook-testimonial-neville-goddard-peter superlearning-mental-photography-neville-goddard-training Prior to the Internet coming into existence Neville’s works were known only by a few faithful students in the USA. Then came the internet and Neville’s works became available to more and more people. Now the latest breakthrough is in a proven learning system which directly imprints Neville’s wisdom into your Unconscious Mind for you to access at will. The Superlearning method that I teach I call “Mind Imprint Learning “ and is also known as “Mental Photography”carl-bradbrook-testimonial-neville-goddard-rafael And below is a really brief overview of  the Superlearning materials and benefits. (Full details are available here: Included in The Superlearning Neville Module Are:

          • Comprehensive Superlearning Training



        • Superlearning Books Video



        • Superlearning Lectures Video


        Some of The Benefits of Superlearning Are:

          • Accelerated learning at 50-100 times the average



        • Need for less sleep.



        • Better organization.



        • More productivity.



        • Higher energy levels.



        • Meteoric rises in business, industry and athletic endeavors.



        • Elevated whole brain activity.



        • Stimulates growth of dendrites (to store new information).



        • Strengthened neural pathways



        • Hemispheric left and right brain balancing.



        • Heightened neural communication between conscious and unconscious.



        • Greater memory capacity.



        • Better and faster comprehension of any materials.



        • Better decision making.


        When you sign up for the Neville Incredible Collection… you are also immediately assigned access to the core superlearning training AND… the Neville Goddard Module. carl-bradbrook-testimonial-neville-goddard-regina imagination-affaliminal-by-carl-bradbrook neville-goddard-affaliminal Included in the Neville Goddard Collection is what I call an “Affaliminal” and it is a cross between a subliminal program and a powerful way of doing affirmations. Having used affirmations for years and also having co-created a program called Visualization Turbo I am aware that a carefully crafted and personally directed affirmation (especially with a visual element) can have big benefits for the user. Then a while back I came across the works of a man called Noah St John who co-created another way of doing affirmations. The way that he teaches is to say affirmations as questions that generate positive thinking in a direction that you desire to move. Specifically he uses the word “why” in front of all affirmations. So instead of saying “I am a master at using my imagination” you would say “Why am I a master at using my imagination” The second way directs the Unconscious Mind to start coming up with “Positive Reasons Why I am …” So I decided to test this idea and created for myself a whole bunch of affirmations that I played very very quietly (subliminally) to myself whist I slept. I noticed great results and found myself waking up positive and thinking in the direction of my affaliminal statements. Then I created the first Affaliminal for Imagination from a carefully crafted set of affirmations to improve Imagination. I also included a statement at the beginning to help to achieve alignment between the Higher Self, The Unconscious Mind and The Conscious Mind. A full disclosure of the Affaliminal statements and the alignment statement is in the members area for you to read prior to using the Imagination Affaliminal. If you have the inclination, give it a go and let me know any changes that you notice in your Imagination practice and behavior. neville-goddard-members-libraryIn this video I give you a brief tour of the Members Library: neville-goddard-collection-free-updates This the the “Fifth Generation” of my Neville websites, evolving over the last 8 years. The members section has also evolved into it’s current “Members Library” format as there were simply too many files to deliver via one download page. I am very happy with this web site and the members area and this year will finish recording the remaining 6 of Neville’s books.  With the addition of the comments sections for the website I am now also able to answer questions for students which is great. When you own the Neville Incredible Collection you will also receive all the new audio books at no additional charge. There are also some lectures that I will narrate at the appropriate time and I have a few other things that I want to do with Neville’s trainings. FREE upgrades is something I started doing for students who had bought the “Secret Of Imagining Collection” which was the predecessor to “The Neville Incredible Collection”. I shall continue the FREE upgrades. I look forward to seeing you on the “Inside” which of course is where it’s all happening :-) carl-bradbrook-testimonial-neville-goddard-lorraine To order the Neville Goddard Incredible Collection click the button below: One Time Payment of Just $27  – (Immediate access via members area)



Carl Bradbrook : Carl Bradbrook specialises in teaching people how to use their wonderful imagination and is the creator of many trainings, audio books and guided Imagination audios.