Recent Testimonial (Sep 2015)

Listening to your videos on youtube changed my life…

I was a graduate student, and realized that what i would earn upon graduation wont give me the type of life style I  wanted.

So following Albert Einstein quote “Imagination is better than knowledge.” I began to look for means to change things.

I came across the great mythic Neville Goddard. I have his books, but I needed an audio version. Your readings of The Law & the Promise, Feeling is the Secret, At Your Command and Class Instruction 1948, has changed my life.

From winning multiple jackpots in the Texas lottery (I saw myself with the large novelty check, & so it came x2), to buying a home I have imagined living in, to my ex returning and us getting married, I’m expecting my first child…

Thank you so much Carl!

O. Michaels

What is important to note is that O.Michaels realised that a change of direction (consciousness) was required in order to achieve desires that current direction in life could not deliver.

Most importantly O.Michaels took action and used wonderful IMAGINATION to imagine a scene in which a desire had already happened.

Evidently here were also other powerful driving undonscious desires which included a new home, relationship and child.

Most often it is these underlaying highly energised desires that are the drivers for success and the imagined scene is the communication/intuition given by what Neville calls the “4th Dimensionally Larger Self” otherwise known as the Higher Self or the Soul or spirit.

Not everyone will be a lottery winner BUT EVERYONE CAN use their wonderful IMAGINATION to fulfill their dreams and desires in life.



Mastering Neville Goddard Teachings With Carl Video One

Introduction and Guided Higher Self Connection

Mastering Neville Goddard Teachings With Carl Video Two

Working With Neville Goddard In Today’s Modern Era


Neville Goddard

How To Get The Most Out Of Neville Goddard’s Teachings

Firstly I’d like to THANK YOU for taking a little of your time and investing it in visiting this web site. Neville Goddard

The main point is that you actually start using your IMAGINATION and not just study the teachings from Neville.

They are not quick fixes but guidelines as to how you can begin to go within and start to realise who you are and what a magnificent journey this is, so that you can re-align your consciousness and begin to live your True Life.

Play and test what Neville teaches!

My highest recommendation to anyone is to “Prove The Law”. Begin to use your wonderful imagination to consciously manifest something in your life. Prove the Law to yourself, beyond a shadow of a doubt.

When you study Neville Goddard ‘s own life path you will observe that he spent many decades proving the Law first. Then at a time that is right for you will experience the Promise.

Above all else…Have fun with Neville’s teachings and do not take life too seriously. I hope this has been of help to any new comers.

Sincerely, Carl Bradbrook


Please Allow Me To Introduce Neville Goddard

Neville Goddard was born into a large family of 9 brothers and a sister in St. Michael, Barbados in the British West Indies.In his late teens he came to the USA to study drama and then pursued and active career, traveling the USA and Europe. On one of his tours to the UK he met a man who introduced him to “metaphysics”.

On his return to the USA he quit his career in the entertainment industry and pursued his fervorent interest in metaphysics, full time.

His real evolution began when he attended a meeting of an eccentric Ethiopian Jew called Abdullah who lectured on esoteric’s.

He wrote his first published book in the 1930’s called “At Your Command”. This was the book that started it all and from it he became one of the most famous metaphysical teachers of all time, lecturing all over the USA. He was regularly on TV in the Los Angeles area in the 1950’s and was often on radio.

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Abdullah (Neville and Joseph Murphy’s Teacher)

Neville Goddard’s interest in esoteric interpretations of the Bible deepened after he met Abdullah, an Ethopian Jew who lectured on Esoteric Christianity and taught both Goddard and Joseph Murphy. Neville went to hear him somewhat under protest to satisfy the constant urging of a friend, saying “I recall the first night I met Abdullah. I had purposely delayed going to one of his meetings because a man whose judgement I did not trust had insisted on my attendance.

“At the end of the meeting, Ab approached me and said: “Neville, you are six months late.”

Startled, I questioned how he knew my name, when he said: “The brothers told me you would be here six months ago.” Then he added:

“I will remain until you have received all that I must give you. Then I will depart.”

He, too, may have longed to go, but he had to wait for me.”

Neville Goddard further expands on this meeting in the Lecture “A Lesson In Scripture”

I came into the world completely forgetful of the being that I AM. I had to. When I first met my friend Abdullah back in 1931 I entered a room where he was speaking and when the speech was ended he came over, extended his hand and said: “Neville, you are six months late.” I had never seen the man before, so I said: “I am six months late? How do you know me?” and he replied: “The brothers told me that you were coming and you are six months late.”

I was late because the one who told me of Abdullah was a Catholic priest. I loved him dearly, but I thought he was almost a moron. His father, a rumrunner in the days of prohibition, left him two million dollars, which he proceeded to lose on Wall Street the first year. The only wonderful thing he did was to take the last $15,000 and give it to a Catholic organization to care for his mother the rest of her earthly days. So, having no respect for his judgment, when he told me about Abdullah I postponed going to hear him until one day I could find no excuse. When Ab called me by name I said: “I don’t know you” and he replied: “Oh yes you do, but you have forgotten. We were together in China thousands of years ago, but you promised to completely forget in order to play the part you must play now.”

Last Friday night a lady gave me a letter saying: “The previous Monday as you stood on the platform I could not see you as Neville, but as an ancient Chinese philosopher. I have seen my friends change from moment to moment, but you remained changed during your entire lecture. This bothered me, so I questioned the experience on the way home and then I remembered. Several years ago in a psychic experience, I was walking up a hill with other students to attend a class. Falling away from the group, I saw an ancient Chinese in a white garment at my side. Beckoning me to follow him, we approached a cave where I saw huge granite stone with a peak at the top. Two hands containing a cocoon covered the top of the stone. Removing the cocoon, the ancient Chinese broke it on the peak of the granite, and water, mixed with colorful oil, came out as life took on the sense of heat rising. Then the ancient Chinese took my hand and led me back to the group, where they had not realized that I had been away. “Now I know whose face you wore last Monday night.”

Well, that’s what Abdullah told me in 1931, but to this day I have no knowledge of it, because I swore in the beginning to empty myself  completely of all memory and take on the form of a slave, but to have faith in him who sent me.

From this introduction, Neville studied with Abdullah learning Hebrew, the Kabbalah, and the hidden symbolic meaning of Scripture.


The Power of Neville Goddard Success Stories

Neville Goddard wrote a wonderful book called “The Law and The Promise” and the majority of the book he filled with success stories.


Well, Neville Goddard realized that in order for you to truly understand and grasp who you really you would need to have some kind of proof that would build your belief muscle. So he took a selection of success stories that demonstrated different aspects of Imagining and different techniques of imagining that were used to manifest a variety of different experiences.

Success leaves a trail of clues.

When you read and listen to the success stories over and over again it helps you to believe that Imagining and creating your reality is something that is also possible for you. When you have enough belief to put it to the test you will then prove it is true and strengthen your belief in your own powers of creation. A series of success will continue to build your faith and belief and ultimately (as Neville covers in the final chater of the book) you will experience the promise.

Clever guy Neville!

You can read some of the Real Life Success Stories on this blog by clicking here (a new window will open)

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Neville Goddard Books, Lectures and Audio’s For You.

I have prepared quite a package for you of  FREE Neville Goddard books, lectures and audio lectures and audio books.

Neville books lectures and audios

The idea is that you have a wide range of Neville Goddard materials to get started with and then if you fancy any particular items on audio you can find them on this site.

FREE Neville Goddard Ebooks PDF

  • “The Law and The Promise”
  • “Out of This World”
  • “Seedtime and Harvest”
  • “Awakened Imagination (Includes “The Search:)”
  • “At Your Command”
  • “1948 Lessons”
  • “Feeling Is The Secret”
  • “Prayer – The Art of Believing”
  • “Freedom For All”
  • “The Power Of Awareness”
  • “Your Faith Is Your Fortune”
  • “If You Can Really Believe”

free neville ebooks pdf download collection

Note: The Neville Goddard Book “Resurrection” is a compilation of four of the above books.

“If You Can Really Believe” is a lecture but I also added it here in Ebook format  as it is very powerful.

The Neville Goddard “1948 Lessons” are also lectures but were also originally handed out in a little booklet called “Class Instruction”.

Books you may see “with other names” are either compilations of the above books or “collections of lectures” which are included in the “294 Lectures” in this FREE Neville download area.

294 FREE Lectures PDF

Essentially it’s the complete Neville Goddard works. However I am sure there are some additional lectures out there in the hands of collectors or hidden away in some personal library. If you find any lectures out there in the ether, not on this list please email me a copy :-)

neville goddard pdf

FREE Original Neville Audio Lectures Selection

I have added a selection of original audio lectures to this site for FREE  download when you sign up. That is in addition to the two famous “Secret of Imagining” Lectures.

All of the Original Neville audio lectures have had their audio enhanced and it makes listened very much easier. Even on a few of the older lectures the quality is very much better but obviously on the older lectures not up to current modern standards. Even the older lectures however are very listenable.


Neville Audio Books (Narrated By Carl Bradbrook)

Here are a couple of samples chapters from the audio books I have recorded of Neville’s. I’ve had great feedback on my recordings from customers, saying that I made it very easy for them to understand the meaning and message that Neville wished to convey.

  • “Neville Goddard – The Law and The Promise” MP3
  • “Neville Goddard – 1948 Lessons Audio 1” MP3
  • “Neville Goddard – At Your Command Audio 1” MP3
  • “Neville Goddard – Feeling Is The Secret MP3
  • “Neville Goddard – If You Can Really Believe MP3
  • The additional seven audio books are on the way…..

You’ll have full access to the samples when you sign up to the newsletter on the site.

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Two Video’s Where I Outline The Practical Application of Neville Goddard ‘s Techniques

The following two videos demonstrate the way in which you can put Neville Goddard ‘s techniques to the test today. These are simple things but the manifestation process is wonderful to experience when it happens so naturally.

Counting Cash  (Taught to over 29,000 people)

In this video I show you how to count cash in your mind and manifest it in your life. This works every time when you follow the steps

Manifesting A Luxury Villa Stay Using Neville Goddard Techniques

In this video I go through the process I used to manifest a stay in a luxury villa.

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129 Original Lectures (Audio Enhanced ). Over 100 Hours of Pure Neville To Download or Mailed To You On DVD

Neville Goddard mp3

This link will take you to the  Neville Goddard Original Lectures Page where there are 128 full lectures containing over 100 hours of listening

I think you’re offering something really great by allowing people to access these incredible lectures for such a reasonable price. Thank you very much!

Kind regards,



Neville Goddard audio books, and audio enhanced original lectures are available for free download on this site, have a look around!

Carl Bradbrook : Carl Bradbrook specialises in teaching people how to use their wonderful imagination and is the creator of many trainings, audio books and guided Imagination audios.